South Eastern Wisconsin Enduro Riders



Sat. 5/21 All day Rock-N-Roll Harescrambles

Sun. 5/22 All day Ruff-E-Nuff Enduro
Sat. 10/15 2:00 PM Club Meeting @ Dover Inn

2 P.M.

Dover Inn


Sat. 1/7 2:00 PM Club Meeting

Location: Dover Inn

If you know of anyone else who is interested in joining our club, please bring them along!

Sun. 5/20 All day Closed Course Enduro

At CMJ Raceway

Hixton, WI

Sun. 7/29 All day Harescramble

At CMJ Raceway

Hixton, WI

Sun. 6/23 All day Adams, WI CC Enduro

Closed Course Enduro in near Adams, WI

Sun. 8/4 All day Hixton, WI CC Enduro

At the Great CMJ Raceway, we are hosting another CC Enduro. 

Sun. 9/7 10:00 AM 2014 Cranberry Bog Enduro

We are at it again in Adams, WI. 

Thanks to Bob Kau and the rest of the land owners for having us for another year.

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